Wood Flooring

There is no substitution for the timeless and elegant look of hardwood flooring.  Selecting the right hardwood for you and your family can be a daunting task, but our experts can help you find the perfect floor for years to come.  We will assist you in finding the perfect color and species to attain a look that is truly you, and the right finish and construction to handle your family.

Types of Wood

With a variety of flooring options, including solid hardwood or engineered hardwood, we offer a wide-variety of styles, colors and finishes to fit your needs.

Solid Wood

Hardwood flooring creates the perfect blend of style and performance for your home. It’s natural beauty and lasting durability makes for a rich visual statement and makes maintenance and cleanup effortless.

Engineered Wood

Made from real hardwood, the construction of our engineered wood floors resist contraction and expansion from humidity changes, while providing a beautiful finished look in your home. Contrary to popular belief a good engineered wood and be sanded down and refinished.

Choosing a Color

Get inspired by the variety of colors you have to choose from in our showroom. Whether you’re looking for something rich to enhance the look of your home or if you want to bring an open, airy feeling to your space, our flooring experts can help you find the perfect color to suite your style.


Unfinished wood is ideal if you are looking to match an existing wood floor in your home.  We will determine the species of wood and size, install it and sand your existing floor and new floor together.


When your wood is finished in a controlled environment the results speak for themselves.  Most pre-finished floors receive anywhere from five to nine layers of protection that are UV cured to ensure a tough finish.  Its no wonder why the majority of American families purchase pre finished for their families to live on.

Deciding on a Finish


Polyurethane is generally the most common surface finish and is easy to apply. It is a petroleum base with a blend of synthetic resins, plasticizers and other film forming ingredients that produce a durable surface that is moisture-resistant. It is a solvent-base polyurethane that dries in about eight hours. Most pre-finished floors are UV cured at the manufacturing plant, and this ensures a tougher finish than site finished floors


Not only does oil-based finish enrich the beauty of the grain in the wood, it also allows you the opportunity to maintain your floor as time goes on. With an oil finished floor you can spot treat high traffic areas, to make your floors look like new before your guests arrive.

Wood Flooring FAQs

Josh, one of the owners of Esquire Interiors, discusses many of the questions we get ask on a regular basis from customers shopping for wood flooring.