A good night’s sleep is vital to a happy, and healthy life. Imagine the peaceful sleep you and your family will experience with the addition of room darkening shades. Take a mid day nap, sleep in on the weekends, and prepare for that big Monday in front of you.

Our children are the most important parts of our lives. Hunter Douglas has made a commitment to you and your family to strive towards more child safe innovations. What does this mean? No more dangling cords that are a danger to our children, and a sleeker look as well. Ask our staff about the possibilities of upgrading your shade or blind to LiteRise® or PowerView® today.

Our glass doors provide a portal from our home to our outdoor living space. Glass doors can also provide some challenges when thinking about applying window treatments, know that at Esquire Interiors you will have an expert staff who will guide you through all of your vertical and horizontal solutions.

Michigan is a wonderful place to live; we experience some of the biggest swings in temperature in the country. Our windows are the main source of heat lose during the winter, and let in unwanted heat during the summer, we can experience up to 50% energy lose through our windows.   We have many energy efficient solutions that will maintain a consistent comfort in your home to cut down on your utility bills.

Large and specialty shaped windows add that architectural touch to our homes that make them unique. These same windows can also be very challenging to cover elegantly to preserve the character of the window. We have solutions that will compliment your unique windows and offer the privacy and protection you need.

There are areas in your home where you need the protection and privacy of a shade or blind, and the blind or shade needs to be able withstand a harsh environment. Faux wood blinds and shutters are easily wiped down with a wet rag and can withstand high moisture areas. If blinds aren’t your style, roller shades with vinyl fabric are also resilient and elegant.

Your home is your sanctuary, and you and your family should feel safe and comfortable. Top down bottom up shades allow you the peace of mind while still letting in ample light. Our highest functioning feature is available on many of our shades and will give you the versatility and protection you need.

Imagine your window treatments being able to automatically adjust themselves, helping your home become more energy efficient, or creating the perfect ambiance any time of day. Motorization can be as simple as a controlling a few hard to reach windows, or integrating your shades to work within your home automation system. With Hunter Douglas PowerView®, we put the control in your hands or on your phone, see our expert staff for more details.