Making any room cozy is easy with the right style and color of carpet, soft yet resilient, you are assured to find the perfect fit for you and your family.  Carpet is a surface that is truly lived on, meet with one of our experts to help you find the carpet that you and your family will live on best.  From luxurious wool, to kid proof and pet proof Smartstrand carpet we will find the perfect fit for your family.

Carpet Styles


Textured carpet has long, crimped yarns for a casual look that will blend in with any room. With higher pile for a soft and luxurious feel, it’s no wonder that texture is our most popular style.


Pattern construction carpet is made with different loop and cut heights for looks that range from bold and dramatic to simple and understated. This low-profile style easily handles high traffic areas and will give you the element of design you are looking for.


Loop carpet is made of dense, looped strands and a low profile for a clean, low-maintenance look.  This style of carpet is ideal for high traffic areas such as stairs and hallways.

Frieze (Twist)

Frieze or twist construction carpet has tall, twisted yarns for a longer crimped look and a laid-back feel. Its long twists create dimension and visual interest as well as a bouncy, springy feel underfoot

Fiber (What’s it made of?)


Wool carpet is the premium fiber choice for your home. The wool fiber production process consists of The Natural Elements…Sun, Rain, Grass and Sheep. No artificial ingredients needed, no artificial ingredients added. Wool is great for allergy sensitivities, and when cared for properly is the longest lasting fiber you can have on your floor.  Wool does require protection from the sun, and does not do well in areas with high moisture content.


Polyester carpets are inherently stain resistant as the fiber is color through, making staining difficult.  Polyester carpets will usually be a more economical choice in carpet, and we offer a wonderful selection of colors and styles that are sure to fit your home.


Resilient and ideal for high traffic areas, up your stairs and down the halls, nylon will handle the busiest of families and look good for years to come.


SmartStrand Forever Clean is the only fiber protected by Nanoloc spill and soil shield. SmartStrand repels dirt, pet hair, spills, and stains before they penetrate the fiber, making it extraordinarily easy to clean.  A very kid and baby friendly product as the protection is baked in to the fiber and will not come off and release in to the air.

Here is a quick educational video on carpet, and what your sales person should be talking to you about.

Our primary goal is your satisfaction and that begins with plenty of choices. Whether your needs are commercial or residential, whether your tastes are traditional or contemporary, and whether your budget is tight or limitless, Esquire Interiors is your premiere source for area rugs and carpet in Ann Arbor.

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